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Back up the ladder-Urban assault

June 23, 2008

So, my journey back to the top officially started at the final TMBRA spring race held at X-bar back on May 18. I knew I couldn’t start back at the Pro/Semi-Pro/Elite level so i raced expert in my age group. I didn’t know what to expect having taken so much time off and still overcoming injury. I struggled for most of the race and finished a dismal 6th place. It’s hard having a result like that after dominating that class for so long, and feeling pretty beat up from a tough course, but you have to start somewhere. Following that race I eased back into training and prepared for the upcoming urban assault with lovely g/f Colleen. We were determined to lay the hurt down and get a podium finish, but at the same time have a lot of fun doing it.

Here is a short recap of our success:

That was the absolute funnest race I have ever done. Team Apocalyptic Aardvarks talked the talk all week, and then we went out and WALKED THE WALK. We did not bring home the desired gold, but SILVER ain’t all that bad either.

Checkpoint strategy was the key to a podium finish. Second to that was route planning and improvisation skills. We did not run a single red light, because we avoided them in the first place. In places where we absolutely had to cross a light, we would either get lucky and get a green or employ other legal ways of crossing. Living around campus and downtown for the past 8 years and commuting almost daily definitely paid off yesterday.
Thirdly was our execution of checkpoints. We did not flounder one single challenge. I can’t wait to see what the winning Co-ed time was and come up with an even better plan for next year. If you have never done this race, the $60 entry fee is well worth it. Get out there and try it!

I’d like to thank my lovely girlfriend Colleen for suffering like a dog trying to stick on my wheel, executing near flawlessly on the challenges, and getting our team jerseys made up. Rumor has it she might be joining the team soon for some more masher triathlete representation.

Thanks also to Dustin and all the other volunteers who made this race happen.


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