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Rapha Roller Race

July 13, 2008

So, things were looking up after the Urban Assault. Sure, it wasn’t a true test of athletic prowess, but it did take a good deal of effort and skill. One of my top 5 career victories came about a month later at the Austin Rapha Roller races held at Mellow Johnny’s on July 12th…

(In movie guy voice)
“In a town built by roadies…

In the house a roadie built…

Four young outsiders, decide to take the challenge of a lifetime. A challenge…that will define them for eternity. A challenge that will never be forgotten…

This is their story, a story of grit, determination, chain, gears, and tires…a story to change it all”
(Quoted from Teammate Jason Beer, from our team forum)

Caveman is B-A-C-K. Thanks for everyone’s support last night. My name might have been on the final line, but it was a team win. Thommy and Colleen kept my legs fresh between matches, kept me hydrated. Rico was Rico. Ian called it early in the race that I was going home with a new track frame, and so he was great inspiration. Other various teammates kept tabs on my position and kept me pumped up. Even people who weren’t teammates but were fellow mountain bikes were cheering me on, and that made the victory that much better for all the fat tire lovers out there. I would like to also mention that we had three mashers make it to the quarter finals, more than any other team, and it would’ve been all 4 had Ian’s foot not come unclipped on his first round. Interestingly enough, the 4th and 5th rounds were the hardest. I left absolutely everything out there on those two rounds The final round was tough, but I was more prepared than my worthy opponent. With our practice Thursday night, we practiced 20, 30, and 40 second runs. I discovered that If i paced myself early on, i could finish super strong and not fade. So I planned to start easy, let him get the lead, let him get excited about the lead, and then let him blow up and then blow him out of the water, and if you were there, you that’s exactly how it went down. Shame on that announcer for betting against me. On a positive note, several people bet for me and went home a little richer. If you were one of them, you owe me a beer. I am super tired after successfully completing my first triathlon this morning and will be taking it easy for a few days. I’ll try to get the IRO track frame built up and let the mashers ride it on the next pub crawl.

Here is the recap from the Rapha site:

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