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Rocky Hill Du Weekend

November 24, 2008

rhr1Went out to Rocky Hill for yet another weekend of racing and adventure. Won the cyclocross race on Saturday while racing my hardtail mountain bike. Went into town to grab a bite to eat and try to catch the OU-Tx Tech game.  Got back in time to get some free beer and listen to a neat little cover band that was cranking out some good country and classic rock tunes. Hit the hay (sleeping bag) for a good night’s sleep.

Morning comes and it’s time to start my first ever duathlon. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this added element of running, especially with a 5k trail run-12 mile mountain bike-5k trail run format, and considering I’m much stronger at biking, but I was ready to give it all I had. The first 5k went well. I think I managed a top 10 run somehow, then it was on to the fun part.  With all the issues I had with bike malfunctions this year, I decided to run the bike with beefy parts-tires, gears, chain, suspension seatpost, handlebars and the like. It was a solid ride, but I definitely noticed the extra weight and rolling resistance from the tires. It was my goal to not leave much for the last run. Biking is my strength and I had to use that to my advantage. Fortunately, that went according to plan.  I had a smoking fast ride and was able to make up time to a few of the runners that had a quicker run than I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite leave enough for the last 5k run and got a killer stitch in my right rib cage on the way up Fat Chuch’s.  I told my diaphram it could not have picked a worse time to do such a thing to me and to suck it up and keep going, but the pain was nearly enough to collapse me. So i took some time at the top to recover, while a those darn runners passed me right back up. I slowly got going again still fighting the pain and was able to limit the damage to only being passed by 3 people for a a decent 7 out of 80 finish. It hurt knowing I could’ve been 4th and in the money, but I was pleased with the effort and result.  Now, If I can actually start to incorporate some more running and brick workouts into my regiment I might have something going for me. Thanks for reading.

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