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Notes on Progress

December 12, 2008

I threw this video in because I mostly like the music, but I like the idea behind the commercial too: progress. Today I made 2 important gains.

1. I finally got the folks at the Texas Bicycle Racing Association (TXBRA) to upgrade my cyclocross category from a 4 to a 3. For those of you unfamiliar with categories, I will spell it out real quick. Road racing has 5 categories, 5 being beginner, 1 being elite, basically a Pro level rider. Everyone must start as a 5 and work their way up in 1 of 2 ways. Gather a certain number of points in a 12 month period. Points are awarded based on top 10 finishes. If you just can’t breach that top 10 cap, but are a strong rider and finish with the pack, then they will let you upgrade based on a certain number of finishes within the top 20. In cyclocross, there are only 4 categories, with a similar upgrade system. In mountain biking, there are three categories, and then Pro. Going to a Cat 3 cross status sort of puts me in the middle. But I’ve maintained I’ve been there all along since I am a Cat 1 mountain biker and have placed well in intermediate cross races ever since I started doing cyclocross racing. The powers that be are real stingy and full of politics when it comes to upgrades, so the first time I applied in January I was denied. Then came my injury in February and after that I wasn’t worried about upgrading. Then came the race at Mason park in Houston, and that pretty much sealed the deal. With only 2 cross races left this season, it looks like I will have to wait another year to get a few more good finishes and upgrade to a cat 2. Once that happens, I can’t go back. I will have to race the big boys forever. No more B races, only A’s. That’s what every cyclist should strive for anyways. They shouldn’t be content with mid pack finishes in the B race. Put in some more hard work, move up, and let one of the C racers take your spot. Tis the evolution of the sport.

2. I began my P90x off season regiment today. Tony Horton totally kicked my ass. Circuit 1 is Chest and shoulders, and a nice little ab blaster at the end for giggles. I can barely lift a shirt to put it on. Brutal. I’m counting on this program to get me totally ripped and ready for swimsuit season. Kidding of course. While a nice looking body will be an added bonus, the real purpose I’m committing to this program is to improve core and functional strength, and get some cross training in. A lot of cyclist have incredible leg strength, at least in a forward plane. As many different disciplines as I compete in, leg strength alone will not get me to the podium in all of them. I need totally body strength and muscle balance. In the long run’ it’s much better for my skeletal system too. I could go on an on about the importance of cross training, but right now I’ve something more important. Sleep.

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