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More Caveman Dieting Discussion

January 13, 2009

Today’s mentality about dirt, germs and protecting kids from everything will be the cause of extinction of humans at some point in the future.

I found this nice excerpt from a letter to the editor of Mother Earth News. I thought it was a fitting way to end a well written letter expressing a mother’s concern for the way food supply, raw milk in particular, has changed for the worse this past century. It was in response to a man arrested for selling raw milk in PA.

I mention this because it brings up the discussion of how much control the government has over what we eat, and how that in turn effects our health. People have free will to eat what they want, but not only does the government set misguided nutrition guidelines (look up the USDA “pyramid”), but they ban the sell of certain nutritious foods that they cannot collect taxes on (so that the consumer will be forced to buy a product that can be taxed), such as raw milk vs. commercially produced milk, and they actually subsidize the one crop that has contributed to America’s obesity more than any other: corn. Now more than ever, it is easier To Get Fat Without Trying. If they only subsidized fruit and vegetables like they subsidize corn, I think you’d see a much healthier nation.

The research, data, and trials on what causes obesity are in. The sad part is, we’ve known all along-we’ve just chosen to ignore it in belief that it was the lesser of two evils. The cause: carbohydrates. Sure, sugar and high fructose syrup are the most damaging of all carbs, but breads, grains, cereals, potatoes, and even beer do their part too. The other of the supposed evils? FAT! They were wrong! Read this article. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

Ok, so hopefully you’ve read that article by now. If you haven’t, do it now. Seriously, read that article. It will change your life. The article pretty much supports my take on the Paleo diet. Ditch the carbs and go au natural. I have not yet fully committed to the caveman diet, but I have committed to be committed to it. I am finishing off all the carbs and processed stuff I have laying around my house, sort of like a Mardi Gra cleaning of the pantry. After that, it’s on. Raw milk, raw eggs, raw meat (extemely rare in some cases), fruit, veggies, nuts, berries. I’ll likely keep some carbs around like wild rice and sweet potatoes ( I am a metabolic machine and actually have trouble gaining weight when in full training), but nothing else. I invite you to join me in this journey towards greater health and happier living. Let go of those twinkies and cokes. Let ’em go…

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