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Practice what you preach-Caveman Diet time!

January 22, 2009

img_0936I’ve been slowly transitioning into this whole caveman diet thing. Fat, protein, nuts, and fruit intake are all up, while carbs are down. Last night, after a long ride, I was craving some good Texas BBQ, so I stopped by Iron Works and bought a half lb of chopped beef. I cooked up some green beans and had that for dinner, along with some unsalted peanuts for dessert. Today for lunch, we went to Hat Creek Burgers for a co-worker’s birthday. I was looking forward to some double meat and cheese, but not the buttered buns. I donated them to another coworker who gladly accepted. I did load it up with veggies, but no condiments, and ate it as if it was a regular burger. I am finding that this diet is leaving me hungrier. I believe it is simply a withdrawal symptom from limiting super filling carbs and will pass, but also since I’m not eating those carbs i need to eat other stuff to replace it, like even more fruits and veggies. I have decided to do the Comfort marathon race this saturday for fun, and will see how the diet works out on the trail.

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