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Fear is a Virus- Let it Go!

January 29, 2009

I don’t know why, but I feel politically charged this very Thursday. Maybe it was the morning coffee talk with coworkers, or the email below, but today, I will offer up a change of pace from cycling jib jab and open myself up for some opinionated political ranting!

I received this from Graeme Street today via email. Graeme is the owner of Cyclo-Core, a core conditioning and exercise program that I use from time to time.

Fear is a Virus! Let it go…

Hey Gregory,

Stressed lately? Fearful of the world situation? Living in self-induced paralysis?

You’re probably watching the news too much. (My wife Kate, won’t let me;) WHY?
“Negativity and Fear is a Virus!”

She believes that how you feel stems from what you see, hear, and believe an then hold as truths for what is real.
She also believes that regardless of what goes on with others, we only have OURSELVES to decide how we feel.

You are what you believe.

I’m not saying that things aren’t crazy right now, BUT as each of us lets this fear INFECT our lives…


Kate tells me to…

1. Only focus on what I can do today to make MYSELF feel good.

2. Let go of others fears, reflections, and negativity–it’s not who I AM. OR YOU!

3. Mediate. Exercise. Put My Health and Well-being FIRST. Retreat.

I love my wife.

I hope that the same things she teaches me everyday can help you too.

Ride Hard. Love Your Wife. Thank You.

Right on, Graeme. Indeed. I’ve felt that this country wouldn’t be in as bad economic shape as it is ( it’s really not that bad if you compare it to the great depression) if the freakin MEDIA didn’t spread so much negativity. The House passed the new $819 billion bailout yesterday. So let me get this right? The government wants to alleviate debt by creating even more?

The government cannot give to anyone anything that it does not first take from someone else.

Dave Grohl asks: “Why’d you have to go and let ’em die?” Ron Paul will tell you why. Because the free market will fix itself. Let those irresponsible banks and automakers die! More responsible, efficient, and productive ones will come along and take their place! Read this letter to Troy Clarke, President of GM, from one of his suppliers, Gregory Knox of Knox Machinery. He tells it like it is and puts that scum of a president in his place.

Let that virus go. Work hard, be productive, and be optimistic.


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