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Today is a Day of New Beginnings

March 5, 2009

My new beginnings actually began yesterday as I hit the streets and hike and bike trail for an easy 2.5 mile jog to start my training for triathlon season. A good caveman dinner and some good sleep later, and I was ready to hit the water this morning for my first real swim of 2009. It felt good to be back gliding through the water and settling into a rhythm that I could hold for laps on end. A glass of 5 raw eggs and an apple were a great way to fuel up for the work day. A co-worker and I got to talking about running yesterday and we both agreed that barefoot running or at least running with race flat shoes was the best way. I couldn’t remember the name of those toe shoes I’d read about, but a little research later I found them: A little further research found a review on these shoes, of which had a comment by a website that promotes running barefoot! Awesome, this is exactly the kind of running a caveman needs to do. On the site, their was an article about walking barefoot as much as possible and how it will heal all kinds of foot ailments caused by wearing shoes. So as of today, I will walk barefoot as much as possible. I’ll still carry a pair of shoes with me though, because they’re often required to enter most businesses. I encourage you to give this some thought too, and hopefully some practice. Ditch the shoes, and enjoy your new freedom!


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  1. colleenquindlen permalink
    March 5, 2009 1:46 pm

    Just kicked my own shoes off! I did to a short little jog without shoes on when I was coaching last night on the track. Felt great!

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