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Why We Do What We Do

May 11, 2009

Today’s post is not of my own, it’s from a fellow Texas racer who I hold the utmost respect for, Mitch Comardo. I remember back in the days of racing the Sport  category seeing Mitch’s name climb the Expert 19-29 category. By the time I moved to Expert, he had gone on to the the Pro/Semi-Pro/Elite category, finding himself at the bottom of the pack more often than he was used to. By the time I moved to P/S/E, he was back at the top. The thing that really impresses me about Mitch is that he also races a rigid singlespeed, except he does it on every course, not a select few as I choose to do. Not only that, but he does it very, very well. You know something is wrong when you see him finish out of the top 5. Mitch finished 3rd at the recent Double Lake race, right behind this year’s state champ Scott Henry and former Texan Pro racer Jason Sager. Not bad at all. Mitch’s latest blog entry summed up the race beautifully, without summing up the race at all. More importantly, I think it summed up the sport and why us racers do what we do. Hop over to Mitch’s site and check it out here.

Well said, my friend. Keep on keepin’ on.

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