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Getting Stronger

June 16, 2009


That was a pretty nasty cold. Two full weeks of symptoms and nearly that long away from training. I could be all ticked off that I lost that much training ground in the midst of two important races coming up, but that is not the Caveman way. The Caveman way is to work with what you got and perservere. Time off can and should be a good thing if used properly. Rest up, enjoy other aspects of life, get stuff done around the house, tune up your bikes, learn new stuff. I pretty much did all of that.

Since kicking that cold to the shoulder, training has been back full force. Some tough workouts have left me sore and beat down, something I’m not accustomed to after racing at this level so long. I’m going longer, harder, in hotter and hotter conditions, and tougher trails. My race goals are coming back into focus. Tonight is a much needed recovery night with a relaxing dip in Barton Springs and some flexibility drills this evening. Wednesday will see a moderate run and Thursday the driveway crit before heading north to Little Rock for the Dawg Dayz South Central Xterra Cup Saturday and MTB race Sunday. Another double duty weekend of racing, but I’m really looking forward to it!

Thank you, Rocky and Team America, for the motivation. Yeah. Let’s start building some hurt bombs.

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