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Bike Fit

August 6, 2009

Boy, I’ve been slacking on the blog thing lately. Not much racing going on.  I will mention briefly that there is yet another new bike in the stable. Not new at all, but new to me. I came across a 1985Trek Elance 400 on CL for a price i couldn’t resist. When I first started looking for an old steel frame to make into a race bike, a Trek was most dear to my heart, but after several failed attempts on CL and Ebay, and a succesful bid on a Ross Frame, and later the Bridgestone RB-2,  I gave up on the Trek. Well now I’ve got one! And the Bridgestone is for sale if you’re interested. I’ll be posting that up later.

I wish I had more time to write about all the stuff I want to write about, but if you actually run a blog, you know how impossible that is. Too many other priorities. One part of Health Tips that has been greatly missing is Bike Fit. Hopefully by starting this post, I’ll  be motivated to crank that post out. So, as always, stay tuned.

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