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Bringing the Hurt-Return to the Dirt Derby

September 3, 2009
Photo Courtesy of Austin on Two Wheels

Photo Courtesy of Austin on Two Wheels

Tuesday night lights are back in Del Valle, Tx. This past Tuesday night started the 2009 season of the greatest show on dirt, The Dirt Derby. Gone are the days of the Tuesday nighter, and here to stay is the joy and the pain of short track and cyclocross racing. While we did get a break in the hot weather and 90-95 degree temps somehow felt “cool”, something in my blood told me it wasn’t time to break out Rocinante (the cyclocross bike) so I showed up with The Dark Knight instead for the open MTB race. I was expecting a mediocre performance since I had cranked out a hard 5-6 mile run Monday evening and woke up at 5am Tuesday morning to help feed the homeless. Things got going and I felt alright so I went on up to the front with Rick Wetherald and Payson McElveen. We got a pace going and soon broke away from everyone else. We took turns attacking and beating each other down until Payson went down  in front of me at the start of the last lap. Rick got away as I slowed to dodge Payson, but I kept it going strong. Payson got back up and before I knew it he was right back on my tail. I held him off for 2nd in the field of 23, so all in all I was pleased with the workout.

The hurt is just getting started though. Xterra season is over, but I’m continuing to run in preparation for the Sick and Twisted Du coming up in two weekends. I also learned this week that I was able to gain entry to the sold out Austin Triathlon on Labor Day. It will be my first Olympic distance road tri. Mentally, no big deal since I’ve done the equivalent in an Xterra, and Xterras kick road tri’s butt. It might be a tough one though since I’m racing the Pro/Cat 1 XC race at Camp Eagle Sunday. Wednesday was some interval workouts on the TT bike to get it dialed in. Today I will do a little mock tri workout down at Barton, only Xterra style with my SS on the greenbelt, and the run on the trail as well.  Friday and Saturday will be some nice rest days as I head out to the sacred lands of Camp Eagle. Check back Tuesday for race reports. Happy Labor Day.

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