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Rocky Hill v.169.3, Website update

November 9, 2009

Photo by Bobcat 13 Photography

It’s been 3 weeks since I crossed the finish line at this mountain bike ranch, and for some odd reason, I felt compelled to do it again. Not exactly for the 169th time, but I’ve more races under my belt at this ranch than any other venue, so the count is pretty high. At least this time, I didn’t have to worry about pacing myself. Every category would race the same 21 mile loop. 21 miles should be a walk in the park compared to 182. But, do it against the fastest guys in the state (and even a few in the country-Jason Sager and Adam Snyder from Team Jamis decided to pay a visit while in town for Lance’s race next weekend), then you’ve got pain of a different sort. A lung bustin, leg screaming sufferfest for 1.5 hours. To make it a bit more challenging for myself, I even decided to ride it rigid, based solely on the perception that the Salsa cro-moto fork I bought for the Dark Knight looked sexier than the Reba. At least I went with gears this go round. I was able to pull of a 9 of 15 finish in 1:32:01. Sager went on to win in 1:25:26, so all things considered, I was pretty pleased with the effort. It’s nice to know I can go out and kill it at a 24 hour, and three weeks later go out and kill it with the Big boys on a rigid at Cross Country pace.

With my time off work,  I’m going to be redeveloping the website for a new look, new navigation, and new articles, including the one on bike fit that I never quite got around to… Anyways, Team NRC/Kona is out, team Caveman Productions/ East Side Pedalpushers is in. Working on a new kit, but for now I like the understated blue black like that I picked up while in transition. Happy Monday! Have a great week!


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