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Livin’ The High Life

December 12, 2009

This past Thursday brought some new and exciting things. The “new” website was finally launched. It still has a long ways until completion, but I got a good start on it. I’m very excited to publish the whole new “Live like a Caveman” pages. I hope you find some time to look them over and gain some insight into living simpler.

Thursday night, I put my new pedicab license to work by hitting the streets of downtown for my first official shift. I had about two hour or so of training and getting a feel for the cab, but after that, I was on my own. Unfortunately, the cold weather made for a slow night for all pedicabbers and I brought home less than $40, but hey, you gotta start somewhere! When you actually do get a fare and aren’t sitting or cruising around looking for customers, it’s actually a lot of fun. Having to work from 9pm-2:30am will definitely keep me from making a regular outing of this side job though.

Last but not least, the new cross frame arrived. I didn’t have time to get it built that night due to work, but I was pretty excited stopping by The Peddler bike shop to pick up this beauty. The Peddler and Raleigh USA both worked out a small deal for me on this frame, nothing free or anything, but a little help is nice when you’re unemployed, and many of the parts came from my sponsor shop, Eastside Pedalpushers. Please consider patronizing these guys. I’m very appreciative for their generosity, especially in these lean times.

I got it running Friday, just in time for a little cross race action Saturday near San Marcos.  Course conditions were pretty brutal, but what better way to break this baby in than upper 30’s, misty/light rain, and peanut butter mud?? Lots of brake clogging, chainstay tire stopping, grass collecting peanut butter mud. Well, sandy or sloppy mud could’ve been better, but being on a singlespeed would be a small advantage in itself as a lot of riders had to bow out due to mechanical problems. Unfortunately, I was WAY over geared for these conditions and suffered the entire race. I took the pain in stride though, and gave the hecklers some entertainment adjusting leg warmers and taking beer feeds. The bike needs some tweaking and dialing in, but it’s definitely here to stay. Without further ado, I give you Miller, a Raleigh Hi Life frame built with a few parts I had laying around. 17.3 lbs. It is the champagne of cross bikes.

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