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January 8, 2010

Hold those heads up high boys, for the only shame in losing a game like that is not being grateful for the chance to even be there. Success is a journey, not a destination, and it was one hell of a trip. I was only going to write about the National Championship game if the Longhorns won, but they showed such heart and grace under pressure that despite what the scoreboard said, I feel they were the true winners in the end. Almost overcoming insurmountable odds and shoring up the score to 21-24 late in the fourth quarter without their knight in shining armour, the defense held one more Tide drive to give the new coming of age quarterback a chance at a fairy tale ending. Having already thrown 2 interceptions and been harassed all night, it wasn’t meant to be for the kid from Lake Travis High, nor this group of young men hailing from the Lone Star state, as a hit from the blind side landed the ball back into Tide hands and sealed the victory for good. They gave it their all, and in the end, came up short. People will blame this, or blame that, but truth is, it goes the same for the other side too. You just can’t win them all. And most times, you learn and grow more from loss than you do from victory. Hold those heads up high, for you are the mighty, the proud, the everlasting symbol of the greatest state in all the land, the Texas Longhorns-not some wave of water, or an elephant.

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