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The 2010 Dirty Dozen

February 8, 2010

I have spent the last two days basking in the glory of victory at Warda on Saturday. I finally got to see Avatar in 3D at the Imax Sunday. Then Colleen and I went to Fiesta to buy some Superbowl goodies. I then proceeded to drink a beer, gorge on some hot wings, and top it all off with some Blue Bell Pecan Praline ice cream while the Saints beat the Colts. Today I got a 90 minute massage at Performance Wellness, then went to one of my favorite hangouts in Austin, the Screaming Goat. There, I enjoyed a Bacon Burger with chips and guacomole, and two glasses of Dr. Pepper! I don’t necessarily miss all these things since switching to the Paleo diet, but on choice occasions when I do splurge, let me tell you, they are absolutely delicious. Below is the link to the official race write up. It is long, and I didn’t want it taking up the whole home page, so I gave it’s own page. Hope you enjoy.

The 2010 Dirty Dozen 12 Hours of Warda Race Report

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