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The Day I’ve Been Dreading

March 9, 2010

No, nobody close to me has passed. Ladybird is fine. I’m certainly not dreading my wedding in a few days. By all accounts, I am in great health, superb spirits, and really enjoying life these days. What could be so catastrophic that a chipper fellow like me could actually be dreading? Well, my friends, yours truly has finally acquired a CELL PHONE. Those of you who truly know me know what a big deal this is. I’ve turned my back on them ever since they came out. I was a devout refusenik, and even planned on writing an entry under my Live Simply section about the benefits of not having a cell phone. I’m sad that I’m having to write this one before that article ever got published.

But alas, I have started my own business. A business that will all but demand a cell phone. I’ll be out looking at properties, calling realtors, calling sellers, calling buyers, calling title companies, etc etc. I’d just be shooting myself in the foot not having a tool like this. Make no mistake, that is only what it will be used for, a business tool. I’ve disabled text, media, and internet on this phone. Furthermore, I won’t be publishing the number to friends. My goal is to use it as little as possible, not only to accrue maximum rollover minutes for months that I will have a lot of calls, but to also maintain my sanity and status as a caveman. I hope you understand.

I also bundled internet home service with it since this too will be an important tool. Check out the new Parham Solutions webpage. Its a work in progress, but when I get more time perhaps it will be fluffed up a bit. For now, it’s just a place where I can send potential clients and acquaintances for more info about the company.

It sure is a nice day here in Austin. I’m heading back outside to finish up my latest landscaping project. I am in the process of fixing up my property to have it rented following the honeymoon in a few weeks. If you know anyone looking to rent a cool house in east Austin, give them my contact info! Enjoy the spring weather!

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