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Spring Is Here

March 17, 2010

And that can only mean one LOTS of things:

  • Of course, the wedding is this coming Saturday. Everything is running smoothly and we are looking forward to a great time.
  • The trees and wildflowers are starting to bloom.
  • The weather is much more pleasant.
  • Usable daylight is longer since daylight savings occurred last weekend.
  • It is XC racing season. I’m taking a hiatus from racing though. With the wedding, new business, new living arrangements, etc., I’ve just got too much going on to even think about racing. Much like two years ago when I had to take the spring season off due to injury, this can be a good thing. Racing is not life. However, I share in the excitement that hardcore racers across Texas experience this time of year.
  • South by Southwest is in full swing and the hipsters are taking over Austin. I used to really enjoy this event but now I’m starting to dislike it due to the congestion factor it brings to town. I normally ride a bike and it’s no big deal, but I’m having to run a lot of errands by car, and if I want to take Ladybird to the greenbelt, car is about the only way to go until we can get a cool bike trailer for her. Traffic is noticeably much worse than it normally is, and it normally sucks anyways. And apparently it’s ok for groups of tattoed chain smoking grungy music fans to walk down the middle of the streets of my neighborhood to walk between shows and where they are staying with the Austin hosts. Now I fully support pedestrians having the right of way, but there is a reason sidewalks are separated from roads! Use them!
  • It is prime hog hunting season. Again, I don’t really have the time for it now, but my brother is out in the bush as we speak trying to secure a hog for the wedding feast.
  • It’s St. Patrick’s day! Hope you had your green on today.

Overall, it’s just my favorite time of year. It’s a time of cleansing and new beginnings. I hope you’re having the chance to enjoy the weather and time of new beginnings as I am. Look forward to seeing everyone at the wedding! Slainte!

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