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Things Are Fixin’ To Get Real Good

May 16, 2010

I am busier than a three legged cat trying to cover up poop these days. I am hard at work learning the new ropes of the real estate investing career. I’m searching for deals, crunching numbers, putting in offers, and most importantly, going back to school all over again. It’s not high school or college either where you pay people to tell you what to do. I’m almost completely on my own, although I have acquired some mentors to help me. Lots of home study courses, lots of internet research, lots of advertising, and lots of efforts to just dive head first into this new endeavour. I have not closed a deal yet, but like I said, I’m putting in offers and building confidence daily. It won’t be long before that first deal goes through and it all becomes second nature, like riding a bike or drawing a building.

IF YOU PERSONALLY know anyone in this business that I could network with, please send them my contact info or vice versa. Realtors, brokers, bank “assett managers” or “loss mitigation” , other RE investors, rehabbers, contractors, people with capital needing a place to put it (9% + return on investment!)  etc.  It’s all about who you know, and I’m trying to get as many names as possible.  Thanks in advance,

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