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Coming Full Circle

October 18, 2010

I woke up at 5 this morning and took off on the singlespeed towards Walnut Creek. This was to be the last major training ride before Rocky Hill this weekend. I wanted to be out on the trail when the sun came up, when the stillness and darkness of night gradually succumbed to the light of day. For many, 5am is a normal time to get up-not for me though. It was tough hopping out of bed, throwing some gear on, and heading out the door on an empty stomach for the 14 mile ride up to the park. I’m glad I did though. Not only was it nice to wake up with the creatures of the forest and have the morning twilight eventually overpower my lighting system, but I was tired-real tired- and it was a good reminder of a challenge I will face during the race.  It’s often cited that a racer’s greatest enemy at a 24 hour race is himself. This kind of effort really takes a toll on the body and mind. There’s no real good way to prepare for it, your just have to do it. Two full laps and the ride back home made for a nice 50 miler to start the day, only to result in a lunch buffet and some good hibernation back at the man cave.


Following some R&R, Team Caveman Productions made it’s intent to enter the 2010 24 Hours of Rocky Hill official. The diet has been strict, training has been satisfactory, sleep has been good, and the machines are in good working condition. I plan on spending this final week leading up to race resting and finishing preparation. I’ve got caveman energy bars to make, other foods to gather, final equipment preparations, and final physical preparation, which entails sleep, yoga, foam rolling, all that good stuff.  Check back in Wednesday for an exclusive interview by a special guest discussing the race.

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