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The Workout Time Forgot

January 28, 2011

As I’ve been getting back to some of my “Caveman” workouts recently to prepare for the upcoming Warda 12 hour, I’ve also been researching new Paleo publications and even working on a new Paleo marketplace to promote products or services I feel can greatly benefit individuals looking to change things up, lose weight, feel better about themselves, improve performance, get back in tune with nature, or whatever their case might be. I came across a fellow named Erwan La Corre who developed a site and movement called MovNat (Move Naturally). He was recently featured in Outside Magazine (click here for the online article) and I just wanted to share this with all my readers. If you think I’m a hardcore caveman, I pale in comparison to this guy. In fact, he has given me a benchmark to work towards. I appreciate modern conveniences, but a large part of me really wishes I could live in a place where throwing stones, lifting logs, hunting game, harvesting fruit/veggies, and gathering nuts/berries was more of an everyday necessity rather than a simulated exercise.  Maybe one day it will be. In the meantime, check out the article and be inspired.

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