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The Primal Laws

I will reference the laws from the Primal Blueprint, and even expand upon a few, but for fear of exposing too much of the book and to keep the site abbreviated, you should only use the website as a primer into these topics. Buy the book already! It could quite literally save your life, or add tremendous life to your years if you already anticipate several years to your life.

  1. Eat Lots of Plants and animals
  2. Avoid Poisonous things
  3. Fitness Law 1: Move frequently at a slow pace
  4. Fitness Law 2: Lift Heavy things
  5. Fitness Law 3:  Sprint Once in a While
  6. Get Adequate Sleep
  7. Play
  8. Get Plenty of Sunlight
  9. Avoid Stupid Mistakes
  10. Use Your Brain

Caveman’s Additional Guidelines:

  • Live Simply, Live Better
  • Fear not the germs
  • Put down the phone (or turn off the TV, or computer, or…)
  • Count your Blessings, not your Problems
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